Untamed 2024

Untamed 2024, inspired by Glennon Doyle’s book by the same name.  It’s a story about breaking away from the training of what you’re expected to be. Like the cheetah, trained alongside a labrador, she doesn’t know she’s a cheetah.  She was trained to be tame, like a family pet.  Breaking away, and finding yourself, becoming you by design and not default is becoming untamed and not trained.

Why the apple? It is often seen as the mark of the first evil. The forbidden fruit is taken by Eve in the Garden of Eden.  It has become the symbol of the box around you.  I’ve taken it back, untaming the training, and transforming it into something more.  The sign of wisdom and beauty, from the tree of immortality and the Iroquois tree of life.

You by Design not Default…


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