What We Do

What is the secret to artistic beauty in fashion? For us, it’s YOU.   We’ve shifted away from fast fashion and now our focus is on the individual.  During these trying times, we’ve realized where our success can be measured.  It is not in the mass production of pieces that will wilt away.  Change is inevitable, and we’ve seen it can be rapid.  Our designs remain rooted in the message of being “More Than a Label”.   Luxury takes time, and shouldn’t be out of reach.  Your wardrobe should reflect who you choose to be, and remain timeless. Let us help you take on the WORLD. We make designer pieces affordable, just for YOU!

The Collections

Each collection is a reflection of Duane’s journey. They represent a chapter, a paragraph, a step along the way.  It’s time to change your perspective, be more than a label, and choose your path.

Become a part of the story.

“Alice” Collection 2021

Fall / Winter 2020 Pre-order
Spring / Summer 2020
Ready To Wear


4800 Wadsworth, BLVD

STE 220

Wheatridge, CO 80033



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