Bespoke Pieces

Fashion Created For You

There is a common idea that high fashion and luxury are inaccessible.  They exist only for the rich and famous.  We’re going to change that perspective.  Your wardrobe should reflect YOU.  It should be elegant and timeless.  Let us help you create your perfect look.  Show the world you are More Than a Label.

We Can Create A Timeless Piece For You

We began with a niche. Focus on one type of client. Then we grew and dove into the world of mass production. Now, in these unprecedented times, we want to change our focus again. This time it’s about the most important thing for us.YOU! We make custom looks affordable and can fit most budgets. The path is chosen by you, and together, we can achieve timeless elegance.

YOU Choose the Materials

Anything from silk to twill, the choice is yours.  It’s time that you got reacquainted with your garments.  Reestablish that intimate relationship and show the world your power.

Your Design, or One of Ours, It's Still Cut to Perfection

Start with an idea.  We can translate that into the language of fashion.  Or, choose a piece we’ve already created, and let’s make it yours.  No matter the path you take, the result will be perfection.

Constructed In Just A Few Days

Each piece will be constructed in our studio by Duane.  Ensuring that you are a part of every step.  Fashion should be timeless, elegant, and reflect YOU! We can do that!

How Does It Work?

Design Consultation & Measurements

The first step is the initial consultation.  This is when we’ll get a feel for what you’re looking to create and your budget. We’ll get a plan in motion with rough sketches and begin to think about fabrics   At this time we’ll also get your measurements to ensure the final fit is perfect.

Design and Draping

Once we’ve established your concept, we’ll begin the design phase.  Here we will provide several sketches of the design and tweak it to your specifications.  When a final look has been decided upon we begin the process of construction with a muslin drape while we finalize fabric selections.


Finally, when the garment is nearing completion, we’ll do a fitting.  Generally, this only consist of one visit to the studio to ensure the fit is perfect.  Once the fit is finalized, the garment is finished with the accents you chose earlier in the process.  The next step? It’s time to show off your designer look to the world.

Do You Have More Questions?

Feel free to ask us your questions.  We are here for YOU!


1615 California Street

STE 211

Denver, CO 80202