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Something completely different for the Spring of 2023!
“Untamed” 2023 a Digital Runway!

I found my light, my peace in the creative process of Fashion, this collection is that journey.

Untamed, challenges the convention of good and evil, of dark and light. Often, we label those binaries with such ease, while keeping both within ourselves. The distinction is not always readily attainable, perhaps imagination is the true reality. With simple lines, bold detailing, and unique fabrics that change when you least expect it, the contrast of black and white will challenge you. Enter the world of the struggling mind, and follow as it seeks out the light from the blackness. The Chain Breaker unleashed, but what else has been unbound, what other demons do you hide? In the end, be inspired to find your light, and become, Untamed!

Over the Summer of 2023, each Digital piece will become reality with a live debut during London Fashion Week!

We’re international in the Fall of 2023!
“Untamed” 2023 London Fashion Week, Fashion Music Conference!

Over the Summer of 2023, each Digital piece from the “Untamed” digital runway will become reality.

Then, on September 16th, 2023 at the London Scottish House, we’ll hit the runway for Fashion Music Conference at London Fashion Week Fall 2023!

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