We are unchained, unleashed, and…




2022 began with Retaliation.

They called me a disease,

Treated me like an infection,

I know they hoped I’d fade away,

But That was my Motivation.

Denver, CO

The Fall of 2022 required a bolder approach.

Have you prepared?

The time draws near.

The wolf is loose,

And he’s hunting your fear.

A Digital Runway

Untamed, challenges the convention of good and evil, of dark and light.  It also challenges the tradition of the live runway.  This year’s signature collection will first appear on a fully digital runway. With the live debut during London Fashion Week on September 16th, 2023.


With simple lines, bold detailing, and unique fabrics, the contrast of black and white will challenge you.  Enter the world of the struggling mind, and follow as it seeks out the light from the blackness.  The Chain Breaker unleashed, but what else has been unbound, what other demons do you hide?

Be inspired to find your light, and become, Untamed.

The Runway

2023 begins with the wolf unleashed, ready to pursue vengeance.

Inspired by the wolf within me, I’ll hunt out the darkness that chained my creative spark. I tread with caution, for just as there are beasts out in the world, the wolf lives within.  We all carry our monsters, our demons, trying to outrun them.  Seeking refuge from our own shadows trying to drag us back into the pit of despair.  For the shadow we cast at dawn, will haunt us at dusk.

I found my light, my peace in the creative process of Fashion, this collection is that journey.

It started with an idea and a wireframe.

The idea was simple, create a digital runway and dive into the metaverse!  But I literally had to start from scratch.  Over the course of the last year, I learned and practiced my digital artistry.  While I still have much to learn, I was able to accomplish my goal!

From wireframes, I sculpted figures from some of our signature models.  Animating them became a labor of love, each runway walk taking nearly 12 hours to create. Next was to design the clothes.

The Process

Animating the garments.

I took inspiration from my journey thus far and designed this collection with details I’ve been holding onto.  Once digitally sewn together, they had to be animated.  By the end, I had over 1TB of animation data.

The final rendering.

After nearly 3 months of work, I finally had all the components for this project.  I spent over 60 hours rendering.  Almost 18,000 individual pictures came together to create more than 75 animation clips.  The story of “Untamed” 2023 has just begun.


1615 California Street

STE 211

Denver, CO 80202