S/S 2020 Look #9


Springtime couldn’t be brighter. Nor could there be any more baby showers or family reunions then what is already booked on her calendar. This is the season for love and growth, and she isn’t going to miss one second of it. The hard part isn’t the gifts, or the gender reveal parties. The hardest part is showing all her love and joy now while still being versatile to what the day’s events might bring. From picnics to patio parties to running around with the nieces and nephews, she knows she needs to be ready for it all. Add in the judgmental relatives and she knows she needs her A Game.

Orange gingham blocked yellow romper is the game plan.  With the out of the ordinary zipper detailing and created for style, she has found the ultimate spring get up. She is ready for the baby games and the “Aunt Karen gaze” in the outfit that lets her be everything she wants and prepared for everything she doesn’t.

In this, she knows she is more than a label.


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