S/S 2020 Look #7


Always the first impression is everything. Tonight is no different.

A night out is what you’ve been looking forward to all weekend.  A little wine, some dancing, and afterward, who knows.

You could go with convention and wrap yourself in monotony and truly blend into the crowd.

Passing over the sleek mini, your eye catches a hint of yellow.  You know instantly, that’s the one.

The yellow linen balances perfectly with the purple striped gingham.  It’s simple, but it certainly won’t blend with the crowd.  You will be unique; you will command the room.

The zipper accenting the neckline allows a conservative beginning, and as the night wains on, it transforms to fit the way you feel.

This jumpsuit screams who you are, the details invite people to see the beauty beyond the orthodox tedium of what is expected.

Is it a designer label, absolutely.  But it is so much more than a label, just like you.


Each one of our looks is made to order. Allow 5 to 7 business for shipping.


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