S/S 2020 Look #5


In the 1970s, disco was the in thing.  Jumpsuits and bellbottoms dominated the streets.  They represented freedom.  A daring statement to sexuality, empowerment, and 2nd wave feminism.  They were meant for the dancefloor, to be moved in, a slick profile that could feel the music.

Freedom is still on our tongues.  And the disco floor has moved into the streets.  Paired with a jacket, that empowerment and appeal of the 70s are still there.  The jumpsuit takes on a bold resurgence, a move into the business of self-confidence.

Lavender poly poplin carries the femininity and the purple cotton seersucker emboldens the lines.  A simple look with a complexity woven into the fabric and an open pallet for you to choose its voice.


Each one of our looks is made to order. Allow 5 to 7 business for shipping.


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