S/S 2020 Look #14


A trip to the mall…maybe antiquated.

An outing with friends.

An afternoon of binge-watching.

These are normal.  These are what is expected.  Can you be more than expected even when you love the predictable?

Ponder, what is normal, and who decided?

Plan a trip to a mall, not just any mall.  One full of memories and history.  Every item sold is a piece of some else’s story, ready to be a part of yours.  Wander the aisles of an antique mall.  Find joy in the journey while hunting for that perfect addition.  Now it is your heirloom.

Out to lunch with your best friend? Wear those orange gingham overalls dashed with unconventional zippers.  Marvel as they complement the zippered yellow straps and gusseted yellow leg cuffs.  Because you are distinctive, a gift and the wrapping exhibits the best of your character.  Confidence and adventure are the inspiration you spread.

Turn off the T.V.  Host a tea party.  Use that tea set you found at the antique mall.  Tell your friends to be themselves, and answer the door wearing your favorite t-shirt.  Let the details of the overalls be the voice of poise.  Draw your guests into the details, changing their perception, and inviting them to go beyond the surface.

Normal is decide by you, and it’s defined by you.

Choose to be more than a label, choose to be extraordinary.


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