S/S 2020 Look #13


She gazed at the mirror and realized it was time to decide.

The art exhibit awaited! Curated full of Monet’s iconic work.  The artist’s story would be told in an elaborate, yet sophisticated way.  Each piece was chosen to highlight Monet’s influence on the art world as well as his failures and experimentations.

Looking over the flaws she saw reflected in front of her, she had the momentary thought that all women do. “How do I cover those?”

Rummaging through the closet she passed over bland business suits, casual jeans, and cliché cocktail dresses.  Nothing spoke, nothing screamed, nothing but silence under the closet light.

She was chasing silhouettes and colors with mute voices.  Lines she expected to cover and hide the misalignment she saw in herself eluded.

But this was Monet, a man who chased color. A lifetime looking for that perfect tone to capture life, as it was, not as he thought it should be.  She was a curator of art at that moment.

Choosing the perfect yellow tone to attract attention.  Purple seersucker accents to bring it together.  The dress floated, she glided with the ease and embraced the sheer fabric.

It was what she wanted; not what others wanted.  She was the art, and the curator and the world was a gallery.  The choice was hers.  All the flaws and all the beauty, a full package.  And just like a lifetime of art by Monet, she is more than just one part.

She is more than a label.


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