S/S 2020 Look #11


She is interesting, she knows she is interesting. Hell, she knows she offers the whole package! So why does she hesitate before her closet, watching the secondhand tick toward her afternoon plans? They picked her for the interview, it is her work they will showcase with pride. She knows her work speaks for itself, and she knows she needs an outfit to do the same.

There it is, resting upon the hanger, waiting for her to see herself in it. Dark Orange to empower and steady her nerves, zippers, and sharp lines to unsteady the viewer. She is the excepted and the unexpected, the interview tells all while the outfit hints at the true depth beneath. Like petals on a striking bloom, they adorn and catch the eye, but she is heady beneath what poets have been writing about for ages.

She slips the dress on; she knows she owns this interview; she owns the room.

She knows she is more than a label.


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