S/S 2020 Look #10


Something simple is what you like to wear.  Comfortable and easy, that’s your style.  But, you’re not simple.  You fly through all the descriptors that match who you are, and none of them quite hit the mark.

So then should your clothes be simple?  Is the easiness of simplicity an effort to shield your light from shining in such a dark world?

You’re not faceless, you have depth, you have a beauty that is rooted deep inside.  There is more there than a label of simple.  So, what now?

The purple catches your eye.  As you pull it from the closet, the zippers call out.  This is no ordinary overall.  Yes, it is simply an overall.  But looking closer you know the orange gingham pockets, and zippered accents on the straps speak over the subtle quiet of simple.  Perfect.

Stepping out of the house, you know that your confidence is high.  Because, today, you are more than simple.  Today, you more than comfortable.  You are dynamic, powerful, inspired, and more than a label.


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