S/S 2020 Look #1


Often the mundane is simply splendor we’ve overlooked.

In our busy lives, we wake up late, rush to our closets, and barrel out the door.  All the while checking our phones to ensure we didn’t miss the latest posts from people who we’ll likely never meet.

The routine becomes, just that routine.  Boring outfits, tedious commutes, and the humdrum of life cast a shadow on our perspective.

Magic no longer holds sway.  We configure ourselves for a world we have disregarded.  We have become uninterested, distracted by a view that is skewed.

What if….

In our busy lives, we slowed down.  Changed our perspective.  Looked closer at the monotonous, the road most traveled.  Yes, it’s smooth, yet no flowers grow on it.  But if you stop and look, pushing up through the cracks, they bloom.

Van Gogh painted what he saw, in every detail.  His strokes seemed wild and unpredictable. Look again.  They had a purpose, and inside the flaws of details were the brush strokes that changed the canvas to a masterpiece.

Don’t rush through the closet, experiment with color, find your details.  You are the brush stroke to change the world to a masterpiece.  Paint with purpose, the collective imagination of culture is just that, imagined.  You can choose to clear the fog of mundane.

Face the world in yellow overalls, detailed with a zipper that proves the magic is in you.

You are more than a label.


Each one of our looks is made to order. Allow 5 to 7 business for shipping.


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