F/W 2020 Look #14


She plunged right into the scene…a posh 1930s Hollywood party. The fabulous “faces” from the screen, the top celebrities of the day. Indelibly imprinted in her brain. What a thrill! Hollywood at its highest level.

Hollywood in 1933 was a busy, bustling place, full of men-about-town and producers chasing would-be starlets around that famous piece of furniture, the casting couch. Under contract…a studio’s protective wing, it was a blessed way to begin. She felt she could reach out and touch a mountain twenty miles away. Nobody thought of smog in those days, it didn’t exist.

Lured west to Hollywood in 1933 to make leaping snapshots talk, it was a world that had become moss-grown with wacky legends and heavy with success. She met some of the sodden gilded people…saw that under the wacky California sun an industry filled with an odd collection of self-made men. Power, passion, and sharp dealings made pictures.

In the 1930s, Ginger Rogers, Lucile Ball, and Mae West arrived in Hollywood.  The same seedy town, but three distinct impressions.

Orange jersey pants flowing with a cotton floral fringe.  Paired with poly stretch cotton and cotton floral button-down “tails” jacket.

What will be your first impression?


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