PHX Fashion Week, Virtual Trend Style Show

This was our VERY first virtual runway.  It’s a long story as to how we go there.  Delays after delays, for nearly 2 months in fact.  Then, a week and a half before the scheduled live-streamed event, Arizona changed the rules.  Forced to adjust in less than 10 days, the production staff of Phoenix Fashion Week put it together.  The models filmed there own walks, and the video editor put it all together.

Now it’s here.  For you.

Duane Topping

July 15, 2020

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  1. Kathryn Miller

    I love the designs, I love the way the garments moved in the wind, and I think it’s amazing that all the models showed off the different scenery types of Phoenix. Well done to everyone involved. Adaptation is key in today’s world and you All rocked it. Stunning models, breath-taking clothes, and a fabulous message.

    • dtopping

      Thank you so much. Always appreciate the kind words. We’re going to keep on plugging away in these trying times.


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