Busy again!

Ok, so this is a new beginning for us! So many things are happening this year, it took awhile to build steam but here we are, right in the thick of it!  We’ve got so many events scheduled, projects in the works, and new collaborations starting.  Please check for the new events page coming soon!

As of TODAY, we are simply Duane Topping.  Moving forward our commitment is to be more engaged with those people who have supported us from the beginning, and to reach out to our new followers.  Please, if you haven’t already, follow our Facebook page and Instagram.  We have a ton of exciting things in store!

What we do!

Now you ask, what do we do?  We are designing distinct looks for the dynamic women. Each piece that is created will embody your uniqueness, your individuality and provide an intimate relationship between you and the fabric.  You can be sophisticated, and you can be breathtaking.  You have the power to decide how your voice is heard!  So, with a touch of elegance and a bit of edgy detail, Duane Topping will have something for you.  We hope you find your story in our journey! We are more than a label, Like YOU!

Phoenix Fashion Week!

The first thing we’d like to announce is that we have been chosen has one of the top emerging designers from around the country to participate in Phoenix Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers Bootcamp! It will culminate in a runway, showcasing our newest collection on October 3rd to 5th, 2019 in Phoenix!  Click below for more details!



It’ll be a lot of work, but in the end, we hope to build a brand that not only represents who we are, but one you can be proud to support.  During this process we’ll be changing a few things, but we are committed to you and our fundamental ideology.  That will never change.  Beauty truly is everywhere, and we can all rise from the ashes of adversity and choose our own paths.  We hope that you want to join us on this journey.  We’ll update our progress on Instagram and Early Bird Ticket sales are underway now!

One More Thing!

We’ve had the incredible honor of another intern this summer.  Charli Dolan is a marvelous young woman and has been a huge part of this summer’s projects thus far.  Look for her highlights on Instagram, and NEXT WEEK, look for our blog dedicated to her!

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