I’m old today!

Today is September 29th, 2019, it is my birthday! And, yes, I’m old.  To be honest, I think when I found my peace in the creative process of fashion, I found my youthfulness.  Some find that this industry makes them feel older.  But, even after a very difficult month, I’ve found that the lessons I’ve learned along the way have a way of making me feel like a kid again.  Every experience is new, and the energy from the success more than outweighs the failures. Three years ago, in October 2016, I began sewing.  It has been a wild ride for Duane Topping (The Brand, LOL).  We’ve many cherished achievements.  I always say that often in life, success is built on a mountain of mistake and failures.  We can relate to that.  From failed designs, bad business choices, and the heartbreak of failed friendships, we have persevered.  Our journey has just begun, we choose our destiny.  And, as always, we are More Than a Label, just like YOU! So, keep plugging away, we can get to the top together!

KCFW Fall 2019

On to something A LOT more fun.  Once again, we had the honor of showing at Kansas City Fashion Week at the beautiful Union Station Kansas City, KS.  We debuted our new Spring / Summer 2020 collection.  I have noticed that my Spring collections are more whimsical, whereas my Fall collections tend to be a bit more serious.  I wonder if I like the cold better.  Remember, I design a season ahead.

What’s Next?

October 5th is the culmination of our journey towards Designer of the Year during Phoenix Fashion Week in Phoenix, Arizona.

The journey has been challenging, but we have grown. And beginning now, we approach the business we renewed vigor.

One thing will never change.  Our motivation and inspiration.  And that will always be the women wearing our clothes, be that clients or models.  We truly and genuinely hope to see you rise above adversity and make your mark on the world.


Be dynamic, and always remember, you are more than a label, just like us!


  1. Hannah Brown

    I absolutely Love your designs! It’s been a pleasure to see your growth, watch you on Ted Talks, be a featured designer for Fashion Week and More!! Give your wife hugs n’ kisses for me! & Keep going!

    • dtopping

      Thank you so much. You have definitely grown as well. Your talent never ceases to amaze us, and we’d love to have represent our brand in future projects! Keep being powerful and gorgeous.

  2. 'Rèse Bourdeau

    Soooo FUNtastic and such an exciting show Duane!
    I’m still rocking the burgundy suit and cape you made for me a year ago. Will certainly be gifting myself with another Duane Topping original soon.
    Please persevere because the World needs the creative genius, and courageous tenacity you are sharing! ?

    • dtopping

      Thank you so much! We really appreciate all the kind words and are so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed the burgundy suit! Look for the new Spring / Summer 2020 Collection soon!


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