Here we are, over 2 years since I set out on my journey and it’s time to debut a new look!  It’s been a fantastic honor to have met so many amazing people on the way, and we’ve had the privilege of being a part of some truly humbling experiences.  When I first came home with a sewing machine and sat down at my T.V. tray, I never anticipated where the path would lead me.  In the beginning it was an experiment.  In fact, you could describe it as a leap of faith.  A belief that I could come away from the darkness that had consumed me.  But I assure you, I did not do that alone.  My wife, Jamie, never doubted that I could teach myself to sew.  Granted, it did come from left field, but there was never a moment a where she said, “You can’t”.  Then there was Silvana.

Can you believe this was the first time Silvana modeled?

I can only imagine the thoughts racing through her mind when I first asked if she could help me develop that first line.  After all, it’s not every day an old biker says, “Hey, I’ve got this idea about what fashion could do”.  Fortunately, she jumped in head first.  Those are just 2 of the many people that forged what is now Topping Designs.  Jamie is still very active in the brand, and I am proud to admit, I couldn’t do it without her support.  Silvana is a member of our family now and has found her inner strength! We couldn’t be prouder!

New Stuff

Now for the new stuff.  As we’ve grown, our brand has evolved.  In the early days it was primarily my outlet, I found my peace in that process.  While I continue to use fashion as a light, it’s time to really focus on passing our message along.   I think our new logo, revitalizes who we are, and illustrates symbolically what we represent as a fashion brand.

The phoenix symbolizes rebirth, creation, and fresh beginnings.  In China it was a symbol of the Chinese Empress and feminine grace.  It has been said that the sighting of the phoenix is a good sign that a wise leader has ascended to the throne and a new era has begun. It was representative of goodness, duty, kindness and reliability.  So, for us, it was the perfect symbol.  I found my new beginning and rebirth in fashion.  Once the fires of PTSD burned down, I rose from the ashes with a new perspective on life.  We now want to pass that forward.  Through the virtues symbolized by the Phoenix, we’ll remind our clients of their feminine grace and help them find their path through the fires.  In the end, we’ll strive to give everyone an opportunity to see that they too can rise from ash and choose their own path.

Stayed tuned, we’ve got more surprises in store!

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