Busy Times!

Here we go, Blog #2.  I know, they aren’t exactly a week a part.  As you can tell, we’ve had our noses to the grind stone.   Here is a little insight into what we have slated in the coming months.

Runway schedule tentatively through March 2020;

August 1st to 4th, Designer Launch Show for Phoenix Fashion Week.

August 10th, Fashion Pashionista in Albuquerque, NM, a charity event in support of victims of domestic violence.

September 7th, WhXYte Wedding, at the Colorado History Museum, here I dress Representative Brianna Titone! (Look her up HERE! Inspirational)

September 15th, Go Save a Life, a charity event for kidney donations! Great Cause!

September 20th, Kansas City Fashion Week

October 3rd to 6th, Phoenix Fashion Week, and hopefully Designer of the Year!

November 9th – 17th, We’ll have one segment with the amazing Charlie Price and our own!

January, North American Hair Awards in Long Beach, CA

February, Madrid, Spain

March, San Francisco Fashion Week

Phew! I know, we should slow it down!  Truth is, I love it!  We’ll also make sure to keep you updated so you can follow us on every step!

A Little more!

  Our real focus this coming fall season is to build the business side of what we do. So many of our peers have a difficult time in this area.  I know, as a self-taught designer, this side is a nightmare.  However, we’re plugging away!  We need your help too along this journey! Look for my Instagram Highlights and Facebook posts along the way!  For the first time, I’m going to [TRY] to post something every day, giving you sneak peeks.  (Thank you so much Crystal Lee for the idea!).  And, if you haven’t already, subscribe to the BLOG, with any luck I’ll get better at weekly posts!  If nothing else, leave some comments, tell me what you’d like to know.  Maybe there are questions you haven’t asked, perhaps your new to modeling, fashion design, or just want our 2 cents.  Don’t hesitate to ask!

Final Note!

Our Ready-to-Wear is selling out, and soon the Designer items will be Last Season.  Check them out! Also, in the coming weeks we’ll be announcing a sample sale, where we are selling past seasons looks straight from our runways.  Including looks from  NYFW and Vogue!


  • Wow. I am completely blown away by your story on StoryCorps and will be following you closely. You’re in my heart now and since I’m a holistic marketing coach for small businesses, I may have an idea or two to throw your away once I get to know you better. Congratulations on everything, especially finding a way through the terrible maze of PTSD. I have more than one friend ruined by the Vietnam War and know a bit about that struggle. You are such an inspiration Duane, and a tip of the hat to your beautiful wife Jamie, also. With admiration and heartfelt wishes for great continued success — and FUN — Meriah Kruse, Life Force Marketing.

  • I saw your collection at the Designer Launch event last night and it was nothing short of amazing! I love the concept and the uniqueness of your collection. What i loved the most though was your energy! You lit up that entire space when you came down the runway. It truly shows how you enjoy what you do and the love for your brand. It definitely put me into a totally different mood. Wishing you much success (I see from the blog post you are going to be very busy) in your business!

    • I really appreciate your kind words. I truly am passionate about what I do. More than anything I hope people see that they too aren’t restricted by labels. And, yes, this is a busy year for us. But I think it’s worth it, many of our upcoming productions are charity that we believe in supporting. Giving back some of the peace I found in fashion is a staple of what I do. Keep a look out, we plan on continuing to post about our journey.

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