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What’s your take on “Virtual Fashion”?

What can be said about “Virtual Fashion”? We are at the end of our first pandemic season. The shift to digital was a surprise to many in the industry. It caught us off guard, but we adjusted…not easily and there was a lot of trial and error.  In fact, we’re still...

How are you coping?

Today, we are seeing an unprecedented time in our cities, states and across the country. The COVID-19 virus has caused widespread fear, panic, and most likely long-term struggles that have yet to be determined.  It has been a very taxing time, and with who knows how...

Silvana’s Choice

Love, Anxiety, and Bad Comedy

In Looking back at my old journals throughout high school and my early twenties, I have had a strange realization: I am the female version of a poorly acted movie from my teens. I am Chuck from “Good Luck Chuck”.  Now, for those of you who didn’t have a weird Dane...

Childhood and Identity

I recently turned 25. So of course, the first thing I do is dive headlong into my quarter-life crisis. There is such a specific taste to this age, like nostalgia and fear wrapped into a fruit-roll-up. I am learning again who I am, but now with 25 years worth of...

Is That a Phone?

This week I kicked my brand-new phone. Three times. The new iPhone 11 whatever. A whole extra twenty dollars on my phone bill. It’s delicately robed in a skin of glass that seems more fragile than the last man I dated, a sad country singer who was intimidated because...


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