How are you coping?

Today, we are seeing an unprecedented time in our cities, states and across the country.

The COVID-19 virus has caused widespread fear, panic, and most likely long-term struggles that have yet to be determined.  It has been a very taxing time, and with who knows how many weeks more to come, the fear is real.

Only weeks ago, while driving to Omaha, NE for Omaha Nebraska Fashion Week, my wife and I heard an advertisement on the radio for one of those doomsday food suppliers.  You know, the food packets that you buy in 30-day increments, and last for 25 years.  Well, that prompted a discussion about what logical circumstance could we see that would necessitate this type of apocalyptic preparations.

My thoughts were, there is nothing we would face that would require us to be quarantined to our house for any longer than a week.  She said, “What about a viral outbreak, like in China?” (It had yet to impact the United States in any significant way).  Of course, at that time, I argued against that notion.  It could never happen, after all, we’re not in the movie World War Z (I would advise NOT watching this now).  This is reality, not a zombie movie, right?  Well, ironically, within days I was proven wrong.

The Amazing Universe

It is always amazing what the universe throws at you.  Holes, obstacles, and steep inclines pockmark my path in life.  Some I have created, others, well, shit happens.  I have, thus far, been able to keep moving forward, steadfast and positive.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have doubts, and many screams of, “Why Me?”  However, I stand back up, get back on the motorcycle and ride like I stole it.   In fact, during our current epidemic, I have expressed very passionately that Duane Topping as a brand will not survive this crisis.  The truth is, we will.  And so, will YOU.

Changing Directions

With all this, we have been forced to adjust our goals and plans for the year.  Originally, we were going to debut our newest collection during Omaha Fashion Week and Kansas City Fashion Week.  Obviously, we only made it to one event.  Sadly, KCFW has been canceled for the Spring, with high hopes to begin anew in the Fall.

That doesn’t spell the end for the F/W 2020 Collection.  In fact, we have amazing shots of every look from Omaha. We will, of course, be looking to shoot this collection as soon as we can safely.  Instead of this being the Fall / Winter, it is now the 2020 Collection Part 2.  Subtle, I know, but what this means is once we get it up on the website, it can be in your closet.  Also, May 16th, if all goes well, we will be back in Phoenix for Spring into Style, where you’ll get a chance to see 4 pieces from this latest line.  Check out PHXFW Spring into Style HERE. And look for us on INSTAGRAM for a few sneak peeks over the next week.

Now, how will we survive the lockdown?

First of all, we are indeed braving the outside world and will continue to be in the studio periodically during the quarantine.  Well, at least I will be, LOL.

Currently, we are making masks for a few of our local Denver friends in the health care industry as many designers are doing.  It is wonderful to see this community working together.


We are also reducing the prices on our website an additional 40% off, simply use the Code: STAYATHOME at checkout.  SHOP NOW! Keep in mind, we are limited in terms of sizes, however, I still can customize what we have in stock for most size requirements.  Obviously, we are experiencing several logistical problems.  So, it may take a little longer to ship.  But we are here.  You are still more than a label.  So, who says you can’t be fashionable at home?

When the fires have burned, and the ashes have fallen, the smoke will clear, and we will be standing!



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